Amazing Asparagus

This time of year is when the freshest and most exciting produce becomes available. From May to July, the aforementioned asparagus is a versatile vegetable that adds crunch and an incredible depth of flavour from even a small stem. 

Pancetta–wrapped asparagus is a firm family favourite, but there are many other ways to use asparagus to its advantage. Here’s 3.

1. Pork Belly, Asparagus, Broad Bean and Pea Puree from James St. South

2. Asparagus Risotto from The Bar + Grill

3. A Side of Asparagus & Hollandaise from James St. South Cookery School

Of course, if you aren’t the most confident cook, James St South currently has a delicious dish of Grilled Cod Cheeks, Salted Ox Cheek, Peas & Asparagus available on our brand new lunch menu.

To get the recipe for number two – Asparagus Risotto head to

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